Food Confidence Coaching Signature Sessions


Made From Scratch

You get one life. You get one chance. Stop standing in your own way and find a way around the obstacles that are keeping you from losing weight or seeing beauty when you look in the mirror. You are special and worthy.

Conquer your never-ending battle with food and come to a place of peace.

Food is fuel and your lifeline. Are you confident in the food choices you're making?

  • Can you eat that piece of pizza?
  • Do you know how to honor what your body needs?
  • What foods give you energy?
  • What nutrients does your body thrive on?

Information on diets, nutrients and "good for you" foods is overwhelming. Everyone has a different approach and follows a different dietary paradigm. Confidence to make the right decision around the food we eat empowers you to be at your best and consciously choose the food you need.

Society is stuck on the "diet" band wagon. I'll help you jump off that wagon and begin to trust your body's natural intuition - giving you complete confidence in the food you choose to eat, how much you eat and when you eat.

My food confidence custom program is built on education, support, accountability, and gentle stretch that will help you make the small steps needed to build and maintain a healthier, more balanced relationship with food. 

How much time, money and energy has been invested in "quick fixes", diets, workouts, trainers, gyms, even surgeries? An investment in coaching is an investment in your overall quality of life.

It's time to make a change. If you're ready to take control and gain confidence in your food choices, I'll develop a custom plan for you.

Can you imagine a life where food doesn't speak to your deepest fears anymore and instead becomes a source of fuel and pleasure? I can and I do, and it's wonderful.

I'm saying yes because I want to eat without guilt.

I have spent years filled with self-loathing and over that time I lost confidence in myself. That all changed from my very first session with Wendy.

We discussed food habits, visualization techniques, journaling, exercise regiments, and my feelings towards food, myself and others. You are important enough to take care of yourself and get this kind of guidance.
— Melanie Till