Will life get better when I reach my goals?

Will life be better when you reach your goals? No. It will just be different.

How many times have you said to yourself – “If I could just XX, (maybe it’s lose 10 pounds, maybe it’s run a 5k, maybe it’s being promoted to manager.”) Then YYYY would be possible.

So it sounds like this:

“If I could just lose 10 pounds, I could stand to look at myself in the mirror and think I am beautiful.”

Whatever your “If I could just” is, step into that.

Now ask yourself one simple question.

What’s stopping you?

Now, I don’t know the answer to that question for you, and truthfully, you may not know it either. But the fact is, something is stopping you from reaching your goal.

Something is standing in the way. It may very well be a physical barrier, or, as is most often the case, a mental barrier.

So how do you break through that barrier?

You may say, “Wendy, I just have tried EVERYTHING and it isn’t working.”

So now I gently tell you that you have not in fact tried EVERYTHING. That’s too strong of a word. I tell you that there are other ways out there to try that maybe, just maybe YOU haven’t thought of, but someone else has.

What if we try something new? There is always a way to achieve your goal if you are 100% committed to doing so.

So if losing 10 lbs is your goal, what will be better about your life when that outcome is achieved?

You’ll likely have more energy. Your overall health will be better. Your clothes will fit better.

But, will you look in the mirror and love yourself?

I’m willing to gamble, because I have been down this road so many times before, that you’re still going to focus in on the spots that you believe are still problematic. You’re not going to be able to look at the beauty in your face and even deeper in your soul if you’re purely focused on your physical weight change.

A lot of times, we learn that life isn’t better when we reach our goals it’s just different. There will always be a new goal and there will always be a new way to reach it.

I challenge you to start thinking about what you have tried in the past and why it has failed – whatever the goal may be. Then, look at it from a different angle, a different perspective. Ask someone that you trust to tell you honestly why you may have failed.

Thus, you begin the journey of self-discovery. Are you ready?