Are you afraid to be naked?

I’m not talking about the kind of naked you think I am. You know, no clothes, standing out in the open. Sure, that’s scary, but I am talking about being a kind of naked that is even worse than that.

Are you afraid to be emotionally naked?

This past weekend, my husband and I went to see a financial advisor (Wilcox Financial Group, LLC in Williamsville, in case anyone is wondering).

Nicholle – our advisor is putting us on a spending cleanse. She will be monitoring all of our spending activity, while getting us ready for the bigger goals and dreams in life – kids’ college educations, weddings, retirement, etc.

So it’s hard to even talk about money with your spouse sometimes, but this woman is asking us to share everything we spend money on. She will see all of our accounts and know our purchases and be able to hold us accountable to the goals we set for ourselves in this process.

I’m terrified and I LOVE IT!

Talk about being naked. This is like, full on, total frontal nudity going on here. We won’t be able to hide anything, but that’s what is going to make this journey so effective.

We will be working with her for about 6 months intensively, but her program is a 12-month program.

This is scary, right? When you strip away the layers you wear as protection, you begin to feel really exposed to the elements, really quickly. Fear and hypothermia set in really quick and it’s human nature to want to retreat to solace and warmth and stay where it is comfortable.

But staying where you are comfortable isn’t going to get you to where you want to be. The road to success is a bumpy one and it’s one that cannot be taken without the watchful eye of a professional. So that’s where Nicholle comes into play here for us.

But in a world where you want to make a change for yourself, that’s where someone like me comes in.

I have literally seen dozens of women naked in front of me; physically naked, while I measured them to order a bikini for figure competitions. I’m not afraid of naked and I’m not afraid of raw.

I like to be emotionally exposed. It’s freeing and liberating and it’s the only thing that is going to help you conquer your demons and take steps towards the dreams you have manifested.

Once you have stepped into being naked and exposed to all the elements, you can start to walk toward a greater strength. You will develop thicker skin and be able to handle the curve balls that life throws at you with unparalleled grace.

Think about it. Any time you step out of our comfort zone and ask for help, you are shedding a layer. As time passes and more layers are shed, think about how light you will begin to feel.

There is no topic or question that is out of reach when it comes to becoming comfortable in your own skin. I want you to feel at ease when you’re standing in front of me, emotionally naked, asking for my help.

Maybe you need nutritional guidance. Maybe you’re a stressed out mom who has nowhere to turn to make things better. Maybe you have a dream that you know will have wings if you just teach it to fly. All that and more is what you bring to me and in return, I slowly strip you naked and guide you through that journey to get to the other side, when you feel whole and complete – with or without your emotional clothing in tact.