Do you care what you eat?

I’m not generally an early-to-work arriver. I have my kiddos in the morning who need to be ready for school, lunches packed, backpacks ready, hair done, bus caught and Pre-k dropped off.

I usually wander into work a stressed out mess. I’ve had a smoothie during all the chaos for breakfast and I will eat again at snack time.

This particular morning, however, I had moments of silence, and it was wonderful. Well, in those less chaotic moments of silence, there was one noise to be heard – it was my stomach growling really loud. I had skipped my smoothie in my effort to get to work early. In those moments of silence, I got to listen to what I REALLY wanted to eat!

So I went with a couple of co-workers to the lunchroom to get breakfast. I ordered an eggs with cheese and bacon and then (I am not a coffee drinker), I (GASP) went to the fountain soda machine and got myself a Coca Cola. This is MY guilty pleasure. Scratch that – this is my pleasure – there’s nothing guilty about it.

One of my co-workers was absolutely floored that I made this choice. “You’re a health coach, but you drink Coke?” was the question asked.

I encounter this many times. As coaches, we are under a microscope to be “perfect”. But do you know what? There’s no universal perfect. What’s perfect for one is not perfect for another and finding and accepting what’s’ perfect for you is the most idea, important thing you can do.

I’ve read the health risks of drinking Coke. I know the high fructose corn syrup studies; I’ve watched YouTube videos of it melting paint off the car like battery acid.

But at the end of the day, I like to enjoy a Coke about 3-4 times per week and I do it unapologetically.

My mom was a group fitness instructor when I was little. She lived the life perfectly. She ate perfect and was the epitome of everything women aspired to be. She was fit and beautiful and strong and so, so dedicated to her health and everyone could see it.

But guess what? I am fit and strong and beautiful and also dedicated to my health. I just choose to have a different balance. If I could eat pizza every meal, every day, I would. And not the kind of pizza that has a gluten free crust and vegetables of all sorts on it.

I want pizza with pepperoni and cheese and grease that sits in a layer on top of it. And I will eat it, while drinking a beer and love every second of it. And I don’t experience guilt after eating it. I know that I’m going to go for a run, 3 miles, 7 miles, 10 miles, or I’m going to take a yoga class, or I’m going to chase after my kids and run like a lunatic lady so I don’t feel guilty about it.

I’m over that. I’m over the days of worrying that a burger is going to make me “fat”. I don’t care. I want to live my life. I want to enjoy my life. I want to experience all the things I love and I’m a wellness coach because I want to help other women do the same thing!

Curvy, round, pear, lean, straight, we all have different body types. Who would we be if we were all the same? Embrace what you got, babe, because I bet there’s someone who is looking at you jealously wishing they had something you have.

I long for bigger boobs or more of a butt. I look at women with thick., luscious hair and want that for myself. But at the end of the day, this package that makes up me is pretty badass. This package goes for what she wants and is fearless in her pursuit of happiness and search for self. She’s also pretty fearless in pursuit of helping others find their desires as well.

So, pizza is a great energy source for me and so is my soda. Not necessarily a nutritional energy source, but it fuels my desires and my cravings. I’m so cool with that.

I always say, “Health is a state of being, Wellness is a state of mind.” I focus on the state of mind, because with that, all my dreams will follow.

Cheers to pizza and beer, vegetables and water!