Mommy, when do you stop learning?

A question my 7 year old daughter asked me today.

My answer to her? “Never. You never stop learning.”

She sighed deeply at that, but I know where her thoughts were. Her thoughts were on school and the exhausting day she had just had. She didn’t want to do her math homework, she wanted to go home, shut it all off and play.

Of course, we continue to learn every day, but most times, what we’re learning is really subconscious.  If you’re learning a new task on your job, it’s the natural progression of the day.

My husband and I have Amazon’s Alexa. We play Jeopardy! every night. TRUST ME, I learn something when we do that.

But see, in my reality, learning doesn’t stop with your every day tasks. The moments in our life that stretch us to the point of discomfort or fear of failure…ahhh, that’s when the learning really begins.

It’s sad though. Most of us (myself included up until about a year ago)  are afraid to learn about ourselves. Most of us are afraid of what those deep, dark recesses of our brains and our bodies will tell us.

It’s a shame that the majority of the time, when we’re subconsciously learning something new about ourselves, we’re simultaneously chastising our thoughts or we become self-deprecating and begin a rabbit hole of negative thoughts.

We don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to learn from our actions.

If we step back and approach our actions with curiosity instead of judgment, an entirely new world opens up.

Instead of judging ourselves for our faults – “I shouldn’t have eaten that candy bar.” Or “I’m so stupid, why did I not wake up for my boot camp today? I’m such a fat slob”, curiosity allows you to step back, evaluate where those thoughts are really coming from.

Why did you eat that candy bar? Were you stressed? Do you reach for chocolate when you’re feeling down? What part of you inside needed nourished and why did you reach for chocolate instead of taking a moment to realize what it is that you’re truly wanting.

So many of us eat emotionally. But do we really know what’s triggering the feelings that are bottled up and why they chose chocolate as an outlet?

What about not going to boot camp? Were you tired from working late the night before? Were you sore from the 3 other boot camps you did this week? Are you nursing an injury? What in your body told you to stay in bed?

It’s not because you’re fat and lazy. It’s because your body needed something and you honored that. There’s no judgment in that choice. I look at it with curiosity.

These opportunities to look at the world, at your world with different glasses are what ultimately make the difference and impact in your mental wellbeing.

No matter what age we are, it’s never too early or late to learn about you. Show up for yourself; learn something new about yourself and you will show up even better to those around you.

JANUARY 21, 2018