Women: Take Back Your Power

I grew up in a household with two amazing parents and 2 sisters (eek, 3 girls my poor dad). But in my household, there were VERY clear expectations of what was right and wrong and what was expected of us. I listened. I followed every rule. If there was a curfew, I obeyed it. I did not make waves and I did everything I was supposed to do. I did everything I was supposed to do for 33 years.

I became a mess inside. I was actually pissed off at myself for not having the courage and confidence to show up for me. My dad passed away when I was 33 years old. He was 59. If that’s not a swift kick in the shins, I don’t know what is. You realize how fragile life is and how important it is to live it to its fullest.

That’s when I realized, I wasn’t fooling anybody. I was on anti-depressants and anti anxiety medications and the tiny little voice in my head that kept telling me I was supposed to be doing something different got louder and louder until I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.

So here I am – with you today, to help you hear that little voice in your head and take back your power, too.

I started listening more actively to those around me and I started hearing a common theme amongst women. I shouldn’t eat that. I’m not qualified for that job. I have a zit on my face. I won’t leave the house without makeup. I can’t do that because…fill in the blank.

Ladies, something has to change here!! I’m tired of hearing the negative voices out loud, so I can only imagine how you’re feeling hearing them inside.

It’s exhausting and it’s defeating. We as women, let fear control us. We don’t apply for that job. We won’t wear a bikini, hell, sometimes we won’t even wear shorts.

EVERY time we think something positive about ourselves, it’s immediately preceded or followed up with a negative.

Does this sound familiar?

“OMG, I love that bathing suit, it would be adorable to wear it. I better get my butt in gear and lose these last 10 lbs so I can buy it!”

UMMMMMMMM, what? What if you bought the bikini now and embraced your curves.

Does that thought terrify you? Does it terrify you to think about stretch marks from having kids or muffin top or cellulite?

According to Self Magazine – 93% of women have cellulite. You can’t tell me that only 7% of the population wears a bikini.

Who are we allowing to deem our self-worth? Who are we allowing to dictate what we do or what we don’t do.

You wear a bikini with some curve and you’re judged for being too exposed. You become a powerful female executive and you’re a bitch or you’ve played the game right to make it to the top.

We’re all guilty of it. So what do we do? We sit on the sidelines and we don’t participate. We allow the deepest yearnings of our life pass us by. I’m not talking about wearing a bathing suit anymore. I’m talking about what you’re ignoring when that dream bubbles up in your mind and you push it down.

“No, No, dream. You’re just being silly now. Just stay in that box you’ve got for yourself there. Don’t even think about coming to life.”

But what if it DID?

One word: Power.

There’s Power in making the decision to take a leap of faith. It’s literally a leap because many times, we really don’t know what’s on the other end.